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Tiki Booth FAQ

  1. What if our event is more/less than 4 hours?
We can accomodate different time slots. Contact us and we’ll make it work.

  2. We need the Tiki Booth setup before the event starts. Do you charge for idle time?
$40 per hour.

  3. Are you only available to Austin?
Our homebase is ATX, but we’re cool to travel a bit.

  4. Are the photos printed on site?
Yup! We can also customize the prints. Our Premium Package offers customizing if you would like a monogrammed logo, filters, backgrounds, changing the amount of photos per session, etc.

  5. Does an attendant stay with the Tiki Booth?
Yes. An attendant will setup and assist guests.

  6. Does it need a plug?
Nope! The Tiki Booth is fully mobile, powered, and can be setup anywhere.

  7. I want to buy it. Can you make me one?
Sure! Contact us for pricing, timeline, design, etc.